As a volunteer-driven organization that attracts women who seek a personal and meaningful volunteer experience, Better Decisions brings together women from varied backgrounds and gives them a unique opportunity to learn from each other. We've trained more than 1200 volunteers who have taught and mentored over 1500 women incarcerated in Nashville at the TN Prison for Women (TPFW).
By choosing to participate in our 20-hour structured program, these inmates learn life skills that are designed to help them gain more control over their lives and thus to break the inter-generational cycle of crime.  After attending weekly classroom and mentoring sessions for 8 weeks, they graduate from Better Decisions with new skills and with hope for a brighter future for themselves and their children.
Requirements: at least 21 years old, no criminal record, phone interview, TDOC online application  and attendance at both days of training.  
Next Training will be held in August 2016