Interested in Serving in Women's Prison Outreach?

Visit our Volunteer Page to Learn More and to Sign-up to Receive Information:

Volunteers are currently not allowed in the prisons, but we are working to reach at-risk women with our curriculum. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us!



Seeking Former Students & Graduates!


Let's go Kroger-ing together!

Did you know that when you "go Kroger-ing" (shopping at nearby Kroger store), you can instantly support Better Decisions every time you shop, or Kroger?  Kroger Community Rewards is easy to set-up!  Link your Kroger card:

Just look up Better Decisions or enter our code: JS817.  

It's that easy!

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How many decisions have you faced this week?

0 to 5 25 10%
6 to 10 11 5%
11 to 15 13 5%
16 to 20 22 9%
Too many! 170 71%

Total votes: 241